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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Body exhausted. It has been a very busy and intense couple of weeks. New responsibilities, new adventures, opportunities, events to prepare or plan for, schedules to develop, and yet more and more people consumed with pain… with hurt.

Moms crying for their young ones with suicidal thoughts, they are confused and unsure of how to help. Others trying to break cycles, and others just in need of time. Oh time. Oh how I wish time was a different thing. How I wish I had time for all those calling for someone to talk to, just needing support, needing guidance, needing love. Oh how I wish I was able to extend time. Not to be their savior. Not the rescuer, nor do I wish to stay long. But time to tell them about this Jesus.

Jesus, the beautiful savior, the rescuer.

Jesus, who is the author of time and who can absolutely give all attention, and oh how He desires to.

This Jesus that you’ve heard about

He can change your situation

He can turn your mourning into dancing

He can give you love that wipes away all hate and hurt

He can bring back JOY

He can give you peace so that,

as you face this hurt,

you will not grow anxious or desperate, and overcome fear

This Jesus can do that

I know

I know what pain feels like

I know what tears taste like

I know what darkness and loneliness look like

I know what hurt can do

Yet, when Jesus comes?

I know how pain runs

I know how tears dry

I know how darkness disappears

I know hurt… a new hurt… not my own hurt anymore…

The hurt of my brothers and sisters who are still lost. My heart hurts… my heart hurts deeply for you.

And so

I pray tonight that you would open up your heart

That you will dream again

Wish again

Have faith again

Faith to believe that this life’s hurt

Does not compare to the glory to come

And that meanwhile? He promised not to let you go

That his love is ready to cover you

His peace ready to overwhelm you

His joy? HA, ready to fill you… once again… like the old days

with Him…In the garden…

Where the only thing absent was...

the hurt.

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